About Us

"Re-writing the Rules To The Music Industry"

Our mission is clear - to nourish the music world with fresh blood - bringing new, undiscovered talent into the spotlight. At HavUHeard Radio, LLC we stream and heavily promote music from aspiring, hard-working and extremely gifted artists that truly deserve to be seen and heard by the world.

A musician-friendly company.... In a corporate world where bands are 'brands', we put the music first and build personal connections with the artists we push. Founded by Jeff Thal, an active working songwriter, producer and drummer, HUH RADIO's mission stems from a deep-rooted passion and unstoppable drive to create and share unknown music. Coupled with frustration over the 'closed door' policy of the music industry for new artists looking for a break, he was inspired to launch HUH RADIO as a platform to showcase new artists while giving them the respect and compensation they deserve. Welcome to HavUHeard Radio....let's spread the word :)

Jeff Thal, Co-Founder, Director Of Operations

Jeff Thal

Co-Founder, Director Of Operations

Danielle LeAnn, VJ, Interviewer, Official company spokesmodel

Danielle LeAnn

VJ, Interviewer, Official company spokesmodel

Stephen Barker, Developer, Technical Lead

Stephen Barker

Developer, Technical Lead


"The Best Music You've NEVER Heard!"