Morgan McKay


Morgan McKay brings a sultry and soulful country style to every show, along with a folksy southern charm that engages the audience. Her music career began at the age of 10 when she first performed at the Wharton Country Youth Fair & Exposition Talent Contest and continued on with various public contests, Texas Oprys and other venues before embarking on a professional music career.

Texas’s own, Morgan McKay has been playing her style of “Americana” music all over the country for years, bringing an eclectic mix of country and 70’s rock to bars and arenas. Morgan McKay’s set list includes new music from The Dawn, such as Whiskey or Without You and classic rock favorites like Bobby McGee and Landslide.  

McKay’s voice has been compared to that of a young Stevie Nicks, something surprising to the singer who began taking country music singing classes at the young age of 8. Her dreams were always to be a performing country artist, but as her musical tastes expanded she began to incorporate more and more of a genre which includes the almost folk-sounding rock of the seventies.

“Country music has changed so much over the years,” says McKay, “but at its heart it’s just good ol’ American music. That’s why I’ll sing anything and everything from Hank Williams JR to The Eagles. Songwriters of the seventies, people like Stevie Nicks, incorporated that sound and poetry into songs like Landslide or Dreams. Performing those songs in front of a live audience is a dream come true for me because it lets me bring these classic love songs to a new generation of people.”

"I had the privilege of coming across a gem of an artist 

this weekend. Ms Morgan McKay first impressed me 

with her southern charm and inviting stage presence, then 

blew me away with her incredible voice and sultry, country 

tunes. I highly recommend checking her band out, find a 

show, and be ready to be amazed!" 

-Sandi Shahan of East Texas Music 

McKay promises her set list will be a good mix of new tunes and old favorites and wants to encourage people to come out to the shows and have a good time. Whenever possible she will try to perform audience requests. “I get requests all the time,” she says. “While I want people to hear my new music and listen to the album, I already realize that the audience came for a good time and are spending their hard earned money to see me perform. For me, that is a dream come true right there.”