The Intimate


Indie folk-pop band  T H E I N T I M A T E  was founded in 2017 in Los Angeles, by eccentric Northwest natives Aimee Layne and Nathan Lee. 

Combining elements of upbeat electro-pop & dance with soulful harmonies & energetic folk instrumentals, T H E I N T I M A T E invites listeners into a dreamy world where anything is possible. Themes of overcoming adversity and learning to love and live in the moment are delivered through positive and thought-provoking lyrics, designed to elevate the mood of the listener and open one's mind to greater possibilities and experiences. 

"T H E I N T I M A T E encourages listeners to awaken their most intimate desires, take control of their destinies, and feel empowered to create an ideal reality--" 

THE ELEVATION UPGRADE EP is designed to raise the energetic vibration of listeners, aiding in one's ability to leave behind a negative place (mentally and physically) and transcend into a desired state of being. 

From busking on street corners in Santa Monica, to playing clubs in the heart of Beverly Hills and on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, T H E I N T I M A T E has created a dynamic and hypnotic sound that sparks joy within the soul. 

The music of T H E I N T I M A T E will be showcased in a sci-fi web series (coming 2019) demonstrating the power of frequencies and music, and the effects it has on our lives and realities.