Rav Medic


Debut Single for new project Rav Medic, based out of LA, California and started by New Zealand born musician Mark Dalbeth. Mark (founder of Australian rock band Bellusira) started working on this project on and off in early 2016 and the first record ‘The Battle to Survive Yourself’ coming out in 2019 will feature various musicians on the record, including a different singer on each track. Bringing on board some of his favourite musicians from around the world and some talented friends to make this a memorable and diverse debut release.

This first single 'The Sisters With Blood in Their Mouths' features Nick Oshiro from Seether/Static-X on drums and vocals by Alfonso Civile from American rock band Heartsick and Daddou, a female Arabic singer from Cairo, Egypt.

The second single, "Rise Again" features the following...

Vocals - Jennifer Bothe (We are Riot, Berlin, Germany)

Drums - Nick Oshiro 

Bass/Guitar - Mark Dalbeth