Drugs, Money And Bitches

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I’m making music for the masses to stick right up their asses Drop rhymes like I did classes and I’m never paying taxes I use to ride the subway now I’m driving a van Rock star, CCR in a traveling band I’m down on the corner smoking blunts with homeys, Smoking regs, beating eggs, eating breakfast at Shoney’s White like the stuff you find inside a fluffer nutter On the move creamy and smooth like Stimey Peanut Butter I’m dreamy like Zack Morris, smoke weed all day like Doris They towed away my Taurus, eating mushrooms in the forest People lookin’ at me wicked every time I’m getting funny While walk around the planet singing songs and making money I got verbs and nouns from small towns and big cities And suburbs I smoke herbs drink forties and get shitty with shorties Whatcha wanna do now? Hear Stick flip mind trip shit yeah, but anyhow

Drugs, Money and Bitches

It’s all about bitches, cars and xanex bars I’m Hanging out with the stars fucking bitches from mars I’m so icey, hella pricey, but it’s nice G Sipping on a forty in my feet length white tee’s It’s nice to be on the radio let me tell you I could rap about a vasectomy and it’d sell too Anything to sell you, diamonds on my belt loops Promise you a record deal then tell you that it fell through I’ll steal your rhymes then sell it with the quickness Show up your concert, I even lip synch bitch I’m getting rich quick and crying with your slit wrist When your hoping your can making ‘em busy scheming on chicks with fake tits And oh wait don’t forget about the guns I bought from some nuns, dumping on bums for crumbs That’s how we do it where I come from, sipping on rum I’ll straight up fuck you in the ear so you can hear when I cum