Addicted To Butterflies

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She's addicted to butterflies

Wings carry her away

Can't fly forever but she's feeling high today

She's addicted to butterflies

Always chasing that rush

She feels so alive

But never left with much

She's addicted to butterflies


She's addicted to butterflies

Like a lover's dream

Feels so euphoric

Straight from the silver screen

She's addicted to 'hold me tight'

Out with the old, in with the new

What she's looking for, she'll never find in you



Butterflies, butterflies

Feels so beautiful

But it changes in time

Butterflies, butterflies

Gotta land some time

And find the butterfly inside


She's addicted to butterflies

She'll risk a broken heart

She'll try to fix it

But it was broken from the start

She holds on to memories

That carry her away

Lives in a place that doesn't stand today




Inside of you, inside of me

There's a light waiting to be

Don't know what you're going after

Just start a brand new chapter

Let it go.....Katy Stone

Additional Info

Introducing Katy Stone.. the sweet-voiced, talented singer-songwriter that we are proud to adopt into our HUH? family!