Rock Tease

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She's a rock tease - a social disease

Spreading through my mind like I've never seen

She's the queen bee - queen of the scene

She's got her own man but she's addicted to me

She thinks she can do as she please...

She's a Rock Tease


She's the leader of the pack

Double D rack

Hip-hugger jeans, now I'm addicted to crack

She's got no shame, she's staking her claim

She's got no idea that I'm the king of the game



She's livin' in sin - she's packin' it in

She's hot for her age but she's frigid within

She's out on parole - she's out of control

She can't find me when she's out on patrol

She'll never never never never, ever ever get on her knees

And she'll never never never ever ever ever gonna be with me

She's a Rock Tease...


She's a Rock Tease

Let out of her cage

She's no spring chicken but she's hot for her age

With her sister - young and naive

Don't know who she is but she's makin' believe

There's her posse - hittin' the town

2-4-6 they're the hottest around

We play their game, it's all the same

Next Friday night, there'll be 6 other names

They come and they go, goodbye and hello

For the boys in the band, it's a part of the show