Hey Kitty Kitty

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Hey Kitty Kitty, such a pity

All alone in this great big city

I can hear you cryin' - ooh, I'm dyin'

Let me be your mountain lion

Little tabby, come to daddy - I got the touch to make you so happy

So come along, I'll keep you busy

Hey, Kitty Kitty

You're so coy, I do enjoy the way you play with your big scratch toy

You're sweet and kind with a big behind

I'm a lucky dog, where did I find

The pick of the litter, knew I'd fit her

Took that Kitty home and I did her

I'll make you purr like that - just let me pet your pussy cat

Hey Kitty Kitty, sittin' pretty

Brush up next to me a little bitty

Don't hesitate cuz it complicates my yearning to domesticate you

Maltese or Siamese - just come and dine on my Fancy Feast, yeah

I know a way to keep you busy

Hey Kitty Kitty

Hey little kitten , ripe for the pickin'

Tell me if you're finger-lickin'

Do your thing with my ball and string

I can make you purr, I can make you sing

Sweet feline, your doin' fine

I'll drink you like the sweetest wine

So let's get down to the nitty gritty

Hey Kitty Kitty