Book Of Tragedy - Aurora Newcomb

Aurora Newcomb

Aurora Newcomb is a singer-songwriter from Sarasota, FL.  She began seriously writing music at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020.  Book Of Tragedy is one of the first songs she wrote, and is close to her heart.  In her words, "Book Of Tragedy is every, and no part of a love story.  It straddles the line between romance and tragedy.  The song tells every part of a love story, except for the love part.

Help for Indies during COVID-19 Outbreak


The fact that indie musicians are typically paid by the gig and not considered a regular employee has really made them vulnerable to the worst of the economic impact of the Corona Virus epidemic.  Due to social distancing, curfews, shelter-in-place, and lockdown directives from local authorities, most public events with decent size gatherings have been cancelled.  And with that, most musicians are losing what little income they typically survive on.

For The Bands...

Aahh.... the benefits of music.  It moves the soul, heals emotional wounds, adds relevance to our life situations - it just makes the spirit 'sing'.  

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