Rylee Nicholson

Rylee Nicholson is a new Country Artist/Songwriter from Nashville, Indiana. He now makes his home in Georgia.

Rylee has had a deep bluegrass connection since he was born. Rylee’s grandfather Lilburn Sims and his Uncle Phil Sims is his biggest influence. “I still remember being a small child and listening to them jamming with other folks in the garage, living room, and always around the Christmas tree every year! I just remember how easy they made it look to play the guitar and banjo; it was always a party when Pappy brought out the banjo.”

Lilburn used to jam and was friends with bluegrass legend Bill Monroe. Rylee just finally decided to see what country music had for him. Since posting his first cover song Amarillo, he has been completely humbled by the responses he’s received in only a year.

Rylee has also been working towards writing his own music and producing music. He has written 8 songs total. All of these with co-writers. His first song was with Sheri Lynn. The song is called “My Rear-view” It is being produced with paramount Song in Nashville, Tn. His second song he wrote with Bobby Swift. It’s an upbeat song called “Red Naked” it was produced by Bryan Austin and demoed by Shon Cagle a Nashville Recording Artist.

Then Mr. Nicholson has wrote “Ole Hillbilly Way” with his friend Matt Ellis and two with his father Ron Nicholson. “Hoosier Fields” and “Only 7 Months to Go” with co-writer Sheri Lynn as well. He has two more with Sean Catling. “Nashville Fling” and “I’ll Go Anywhere”.

Recently Rylee teamed back up with co-writer Bobby Swift and wrote a for sure hit called “American Southern Dream” produced by Bryan Austin. Mr. Nicholson has something special. Rylee has the potential to have a great music career.