The President


RIch Porter and more popularly known as The President has been turning heads and entertaining
speechless crowds since as early as 8 years old. Realizing in his youth that he was born to entertain,
Rich Porter has been wowing the masses with his charismatic style of rapping, singing, and dancing,
enabling him to become more than just an ordinary Hip Hop artist, but a seasoned and well sought
after entertainer.
A musical prodigy by age 13, Rich Porter recorded his first mix cd “How Cold Am I?” while still middle
school. As an early perfectionist, it took Rich 3 years to complete his freshman project, but once
completed it was so popular, that he was awarded the opportunity to perform at numerous local and
regional talent competitions, winning so frequently that he quickly became a home town fave and
local celebrity. In addition, in a lucky twist of fate Rich was able to rock the crowd so well at one of
the larger competitions, the “Blazing Idol Contest” hosted by the local radio station 105.9, Rich Porter
was afforded the opportunity of a lifetime! Due to his mesmerizing performance ability and crowd
vibe to match, he not only won the competition, but was afforded the opportunity to fly to New York
City to meet with A&R’s from Sony, Columbia and Epic, in which he not only performed for them, but
was offered a substantial creative writing deal, ghost writing for several major Hip Hop artists still in
the industry today.
However, as with a lot of inner city youth, Rich Porter was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth.
Fighting daily to assist his family financially, as well as fund his musical career, Rich succumbed to a
life of the streets, adopting a street mentality and illegal way of supporting his family and music.
Though much smarter than this, Rich Porter’s decision to deal illegally was not without consequence.
He was inevitably incarcerated early on, stagnating his musical career for some time. But, as with all
strong willed and passionate individuals, Rich Porter was slowed down, but not deterred. With all
intentions and sights still set on success, once his time was served Rich Porter bounced back faster
and harder than ever, never allowing that obstacle to detour him or his mission.
Now free both mentally and physically, and more focused than ever, Rich Porter has been working
diligently to produce great music for his supporters and fans, in which he feels is long ONLY RIGHT
Recently releasing a total of 16 mixtapes, highly anticipated by his fans and local community,
animatedly named and characterized as the “New Money Team”, Rich Porter is highlighting his
creative and verbal ability to deliver blazing hooks and lyrics throughout this project. When asked
who he is influenced by the most musically, Rich Porter credits 2 Pac, Biggie, Drake, Jadakiss, Jay z
future, RIck Ross and DMX as a few of the pioneers who influenced him to come into his own. When
asked about his own unique style, Rich Porter modestly expounds on the facts that he believes he is a
mirror of today’s trendy styles and delivery, but is also heavily influenced by the original elements of
hip hop which include extreme lyricism and street credibility. In addition, though Rich Porter prides
himself on being a unique artist in his own right, he still displays his diversity and respect for all styles
of rap and hip hop, which has enabled him to perform on a professional platform like the star he was
born to be. Currently, pushing his hit single "Freaky " of "THe Pre ELection" mixtape hosted by DJ
SMALLZ , & his hottest record to date "Flex ona bih" on the latest project "POTUS" Rich Porter is quickly building momentum for the album "Election Day” set to hit the shelves
with full distribution, in the latter of 2018!