Bret Martin


Bret Martin, a singer/songwriter in Graham, Washington captures the tone of a time when country music was at its finest.  Emanating from many country greats, from the likes of Waylon Jennings to Chris Ledoux and countless others in between, Bret uses his acoustic guitar and deep baritone voice to paint a picture that the listener can envision.  After receiving his first guitar and many lessons of 60's and 70's rock from his uncle Wes Thomas, he knew he was born to play.  Bret started writing poetry at an early age, and as his guitar skills started to build, he gradually transitioned to songwriting.  After meeting his guitar picking friend, Jerry Hickox, the songs and guitar playing progressed, and soon friends and family were applauding.   Although Bret's music falls under the genre of country, he draws inspiration from many genres, and can be heard in the nuances of his songs.  After recently recording seven of his original songs with Jerry Craft, he is currently playing at local open mics, and gigs around the pacific northwest.