Sensational new hip-hop artist out of Ohio.

With relentless determination, MiKE OH!O™ has persevered through unfavorable odds. Defying Pop Culture's status quo & altering the perception of Mainstream Media's ideal "Rapper", he has managed to create a unique & timeless sound unlike anything else before him. Staying hungry & humble, he has used to become one of the most promising, up & coming, multifaceted Hip Hop/Pop Artists & Entertainers of his time. He hails from Ohio’s first capital, Chillicothe, by way of Columbus. Growing up in the East End of town; a poverty stricken, drug induced, violent area with the immanent thought of becoming a product of his environment, he faced the odds & overcame them to become the person & artist he is today. His desire & dedication to succeed in today's music industry is unparalleled & uncompromising. Using very limited resources & God given talent, his accolades have become well noted & very prestigious (all things considered).

* An extensive song discography (with countless production for various artists). 
* ReverbNation's Number 1 Local & Regional Hip Hop Artist. 
* Appearances on Coast to Coast, Hot New Hip Hop, Empire State, etc. Mix-Tape series. 
* Being represented by The Empire Entertainment, New View Models, & having Warner Bros. distribution. 
* Cast in movies, the likes of "I Am Wrath" & "Goat". 
* Featured on RollingStone.com & MTV.com. 
* Being an Official Jim Beam & RudeBoy Asia ambassador. 
* Radio plays/interviews & News Paper articles. 
* Plenty of shows/ performances with Todays Top Artist's. 
MiKE OH!O™ is a firm believer of creative freedom. A spokesperson for independent thinking. Along with unrelenting commitment & perseverance, a promising career is undoubtedly on the horizon for #NOcosignMiKE... 
As early as twelve years old, he became fascinated with the look & sound of Hip Hop music. So in his free time, he started writing small verses just to get a feel for what he had been admiring in the main stream media. As time moved on & he matured, he & his friends began to freestyle as a friendly competition/bragging rights. His peers quickly began noticing his talents were far more superior than that of everyone else participating. With this knowledge, he decided to take his musical ability to the next level. At the age of eighteen he acquired a music editing software & proceeded to showcase these talents through recordings. As his sound gained momentum & popularity, growing not only locally but statewide, he knew from this point that he had found his true calling. With new found confidence & creativity he vowed to dedicate his life to music & accomplishing his dream of being heard around the world. 
As time progressed, as well as his talent, charisma, & business sense, he acquired the necessary skills to market himself as a household name. Using social networking sites such as ReverbNation, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. he began showcasing his artistic ability to the masses. What you see on the outside is only the tip of the iceberg. As a multifaceted artist, he writes, produces, edits, engineers, films, designs, & performs among other countless attributes that help shape & mold his persona. All of these feats are self-taught, self-attained & auto-didactic. He has familiarized himself in the use of Pro Tools, Audacity, Mix Craft, Final Cut, Sony Vegas, & Photoshop just to name a few. Life experiences, logistics & the desire to better no only himself but the people around him are some of his many influences, & why his love for Hip Hop, Pop, Rock, EDM, Country, R&B, etc. reflect in his music. 
This industry is in dire need of someone with the drive, passion, & undeniable ability that not only defines him as a musician, but as a person as well. He represents change, a fresh new look & idea needed to keep the music industry relevant. History tells us stories throughout many generations. Overtime these stories become diluted with lies, making them "tall tales" or "legends". Well this story is set in stone. MiKE OH!O™ is the Future! He will make History!