Jim Luke


Music is my life.  I walk to rhythms, think in lyrics, and dream with melodies.

My music journey began banging pots & pans before I could even walk.  I progressed to a drumset and by age 15 I was in a working band, playing fairs and festivals in NW Missouri and SW Iowa.  I have since  logged hundreds of hours performing and many hours in the studio.

I began writing lyrics as a teen and took to the piano and guitar to complete the songwriting.  I have since written hundreds of songs. 

Angel That Fell is a 4 song EP from 12 choice songs.  My goal is to record the other 8 songs and release all 12 on a cd/album.

Angel That Fell

...is my ode to Southern Rock and to the motorcycle way of life.  I've always been a fan of Lynyrd Skynrd, ZZ Top and 38 Special.  I've also ridden motorcycles since about 8 years old.  It was fun to infuse the motorcyle spirit into this rowdy rocker.  Motorcycles are such an important part of my life, the logo and over-all theme grew out of this song.

Dear BeerI love beer, so it was only natural that I would write a song about it.  So I thought I would profess my love with nothing other than a love song.  It's proven to be a fun sing-a-long song too.  A beer loving associate said he played it 3 times at his New Year's party because everyone wanted to sing along with it.  Love it!!

Rev It Up

This song embodies my love of roaring engines...no matter the size or shape!  My love of motorsports is quite evident in this rocker.  Rev it Up and Crank it Up.  

That's My Whiskey On Your Breath

I have always apprerciated the story song, and I'm excited to have "That's My Whiskey On Your Breath" on this EP.  It's a comical story about a man coming home and finding everyone has been sipping on his whiskey...including his dog!  Check out the animated video on the home page.  It was such a pleasure to work with The Video Animation Company. Check them out at: https://thevideoanimationcompany.com/

Thanks for visiting!!

~ Jim

Here are a few songs in movies:


"In Love Again" is in the short film "Reunion" by 13 Worth Remembering Productions, Los Angeles, CA.  https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1367096/

"Kiss Your Ass Goodbye" is in the motorcycle documentary "Get Lost: Oregon" by MotoVenture Films, Portland, Oregon. https://motointeractive.com/clients/motoventure-films-packaging

"Bahamas, Bacardi, Bikinis" is in the indie movie "Get Lost: Baha" also by MotoVenture Films.  https://motointeractive.com/clients/motoventure-films-packaging

"Remember" is in the indie movie "The Fixer" by Raven Film Productions, Chicago, IL. http://ravensfilm.com/fixer/