Jenn DeSantis


 Jenn DeSantis is a 23 year old eclectic theatric Rock pianist, songwriter, producer and singer. Her Evanescence vocals and unique piano, melodic structures catch the eyes of many. At 2 years old, she would play the piano learning just by ear, singing at age 6, and writing her own songs starting at age 10.

She would produce on her 4 track recorder for hours after school at the age of 11. In 8th grade, she sold her first 11 track album to fundraise for the Child Advocacy Center raising about 500 dollars. In high school, DeSantis sold her second CD to fundraise for Show Hope, an orphanage in China.  

    More accomplishments starting happening in college at SUNY Oneonta. DeSantis got her B.A in Music Industry with a minor in Audio Production. She became President of the Songwriting Club on campus. During all four years, she has organized multiple open mics on and off campus, singer/pianist of an experimental, jam band, and rock band, learned how to scratch in her own Beat production class and etc. One of her professors has stated “her songwriting skills are so advanced for her age.” One well-known composer from Denmark, Mark Wind, said about DeSantis, “She has a unique blend of different genres that work so incredibly well, I could pick her out of thousands of artists and that is a powerful trait."  As a sophomore and junior, she interned at SubCat Studios, a national known music studio in the city of Syracuse. During the summer of junior year, she became a venue manager at Funk N Waffles in Syracuse. 

   Lastly, she finished her third album, "Surreality" with recording engineer Fred Rigollaud while shooting a music video for my single "Someone Else.” “Someone Else” is out on all streaming sites. She recently performed at the annual Beatles Fest catching many such as Geoff Emerick. DeSantis is featured on a couple indie music review blogs, on Top 10 Count Down for over seven months for Orbis Symphonia radio, on Choice Sports Boston every Monday, (wrote their intro jingle) Model Citizen Magazine Blog reaching out to 2 million subscribers, and also a past brand influencer for MONAT, Green Works, and Unicorn Eyewear. Recently worked on the soundtracks for the a nonprofit movie, "Drive" which will be shown at the Annual UK Film Festival. It has also been nominated semi finalist for the Los Angeles Cinefest and the main event for the International Cult Film Festival in India.