FaReal Di Realest


Long gone are the days when upcoming Dancehall/Reggae artists relied on sheer talent, orginality & lyrical content to earn the respect and approval of the masses & ultimately skyrocket to the top of the charts. Today, the standard is to rely heavily on gimmicks & uber risque or marginal lyrical content to earn recognition. However, Fa'Real promises to turn back the hands of time & re-engergize the culture with material that everyone can relate to with the release of latest single titled "Humble Beginnings". 

Location/Genre/recent work/ upcoming work

Fareal Di Realest is a Brooklyn NY based Artist who is deeply in touched with his Jamaican roots. Born in Clarendon Jamaica Fa'Real has an immense amount of material out there. "Can't Buy Respect", "Fly The Lock", "No Strings Attached" "Hot Sauce", "Bedroom Savage" and "Humble Beginnings" being his most recent releases. Fareal is currently working on a project with LMR Production. Fa'Real genre of music falls into Reggae/Dancehall/Tropical House. He has an authentic island sound mixed with an international twist.

Fa’real is a major up and coming force of the dancehall movement, an has been creating hits for almost 5 years.  

He's managed to tapped into the international mainstream radio stations such as Hot97 and, Power 105; with songs like “Wicked Angel” (2014-15), "Twerk & Clap" (2012-13) and with songs like "Remember" & "Favorite Song". Fa’real God's giving talent led him beyond the US, also being played in some of the worlds biggest dancehall markets such as Japan and Europe.  Fareal has had two success mini tours in Japan as well as in the states. Fareal has also teamed up with Di Realest band to enhance live performances.