Ell Ebak

I started out creating music as a versatile recording artist at the age of 15.  I used to record on my laptop and others but never really took rap very serious on a consistent basis until 2 years ago.  Music's been in my soul since birth... what makes me different and unique is that I'm ambitious even through the frustrations of doing this on my own, dealing with the behind the scenes stuff.  I also take advice from people that has good insight on life and business, which really helps.  This is why music helps me connect to different people and I'm confident that my music is good... it's very rare that you see artists rap in different genres with a passionate voice, my upcoming hip hop soul tape,  "Independent Soul 2" will be released on February 16, 2019.... stay tuned for updates and more info.  Enjoy good music and spread love to all people peace to all.