Brett Allen Gregory

I've always been compelled to write. 

Early on it was journaling and poetry, but then that merged with my guitar addiction to become songwriting.

The process was always a bit manic, pressured, as if a large gorilla had stepped into my room, grabbed me by the lapels and said, "I will not let you sleep until you write this idea down." And so for years the gorilla and I danced madly thru the night.

The writing style and songs changed quite a bit over 30+ years, but by the end I would describe my style as Acoustic Americana (or country/folk singer-songwriter).

My latest CD "Tales of The Bed Yam" is a compilation of my 6 newest (and previously unreleased) songs and 10 re-recordings of some of my favorite earlier songwriting efforts.

As for the album title, 'Bed Yam' (a close relative of the couch potato) it was a nick-name given to me by my friends when I was stationed in the Philippines with the USAF because of how much I could sleep (12 - 16 hours)

I am The Bed Yam, and I hope you enjoy my tales.