Brenna Williams

With trial and error seemingly being the motif of adolescence, Brenna Williams used her teenage years to build less of a foundation and more of an idea; a plan. High school was an accumulation of self-confidence and artistic exploration, all done by the book, in hopes of the prized 'acceptance letter.' Simultaneously, music-based reality television proved itself to be much less of a reality for her. Fashion Design took hold of Brenna's focus in the heart of Brooklyn, where she was met with opportunities from all angles. However, there was no amount of straight A's and art history books that could burn out her underlying passion. As if Plan B had come first, Pratt Institute faded in the rearview. Several months before leaving school, Brenna had turned to Reverbnation as a side project; if an audition wasn’t the way to go, matters were to be taken into her own hands.

Through the site, Kevin and Steve Declue took a chance and immediately began working with Brenna on her songwriting, singing and networking skills. A unique voice paired with ‘the sound that used to be,’ was the product. It became evident over the following two years that this project was no longer side-work, and much less, just an idea.