40 Sumpn


40 Sumpn is a veteran hip hop collective out of the DMV area the group consist of Gif Da Vet and Jeck Da General. The two have recorded together since the early 90's and have decided to come together to make an Ep entitled “Fish Fry On The White House Lawn” with Jeck releasing his Lp “Book Of Sins” simultaneously. Gif is a member of Multiplatinum composer and songwriter Demi Doc's production company Rraq Team as well as a member of Jeck's Flow Union and Da Supplyas production unit. Gif also doubles as label head and artist manager for a slew of up and coming DMV artists his previous releases include Live Your Live (ep) Rugged Soul Records, Total Package(Lp) Asy Recordings, Da Pawn Shop (Lp) Asy Recordings. Jeck who played the sax in high school has released a plethora of mixtapes that will stand the test of time Salute Da General , One Man Army and New Jeck City to name a few. Gif had a brewing single in 95 entitled “How 2 BA Crook” as J.Gifted. but was sidelined due to ESRD the same kidney disease that rapper Freeway is battling now. Jeck on the other hand had shortcomings with run ins with the law which resulted in him being incarcerated on federal drug charges that made him absent for five years.

With both consistently asked they were releasing new music they decided to do an ep entitled “ Fish Fry On The White House Lawn”

Now they’re back to get what's due to them with their new club banga “Damn” an ode to all the sexy ladies that make club night what it is. What else do you say when you see that bad chick enter the club but “Damn”